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My new Transmog for Moonflight-Greymane!!

Based it all around the Voodoo Robe, cause it’s like the only cloth looking robe that’s actually leather that I’ve been able to find. Not a difficult transmog to get (trust me I’m lazy), so I’d recommend it if you like it!

Head- Disabled in the interface menu
Cloak- Also disabled (But the periwinkle cloak looks nice with it as well if you don’t want a naked back)
Shoulders- Cenarion Spaulders
Chest- Big Voodoo Robe
Hands- Ranger Gloves
Waist- Nocturnal Sash
Pants- Hawkeye Breeches (Use them for the space that shows your thighs- the green color matches the robe)
Shoes- Anything dark really!

Hope you enjoy it@


I played around with my transmog on my babiesssss
Zimzalabim looks amazing in purple~
I love my wizard, but I love my witch doctor a little more. 


Paladin Set Needs Good Home.

I started creating a new transmog outfit for my DK (playing dressup is addicting) and I wound up with a paladin outfit instead. Free to a good home!

Here’s the WoWhead item listing!


current transmogs for the boyfriend and i haha


Wow. I absolutely adore my transmog gear. The best part is that my Armored Bloodwing is a perfect fit for this gear (and the Cinder Kitten matches my weapons but that’s not very important).

Six Bloodfang pieces, two Nighslayer pieces, Cloak of Firemaw, Doom’s Edge, and Perdition’s Blade.


Aurumai, Azshura and Nadeshíko’s current transmog ♡


Some transmogs in D3 for witch doctor and crusader. I’ve been trying to find something that really matches the Blade Wings because I think they go with witch doctors really well, but so far I haven’t liked anything a huge amount. Right now I’m rocking the bird head one from the second row. Other one is for crusader, chose the gold wings because it seems more paladin-y. Right now I’m wearing the black and gold outfit.


I already picked out a set for my transmog lol! The belt kind of doesn’t match but I honestly couldn’t find much that looked good with it whatever. I’ll find something eventually. Also I couldn’t find a staff that I LOVED. So I’ll continue looking for those two. Idk I just really liked this robe you get from the first couple quests in mists. :3


[[Large Images please give them a moment to load completely.]]

My Rogue’s Xmog. I specifically rolled her as Alliance because I’ve loved that armor set’s look since it came out in Wrath and I hated that I could never have it. It sucks that she can’t use the Horde version of the Armored Dragonhawk :< … She pretty much only exists to stealth through lowbie dungeons to get mounts and have a pink tiara. Plus she has Mistborn Allomancy coins so. She’s definitely a vanity alt ahahahaha. Her celestial dragon companion is named Bluetooth.

Item List

Circlet of the Starcaller

Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons

Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain

Squire’s Shirt

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Armwraps of Accuracy

Corecrusher Gloves

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Waistband of Cruelty

Honorary Combat Engineer’s Leather Trousers

Neglected Footpads

Blade of Serration


Transmogged my Demon Hunter in Diablo 3. Oooooh lord, they need to get this system into WoW.